Hourly Price Model

In many cases, the client is not sure about the project specifications in the first place. In addition, it can be difficult to determine the scope and specifications of the project in the initial phase. In this case, the Sankhala Info Solutions suggests the time and material approach. In view of that, the client is charged according to the man hours that are utilized for the project.

Usually, in complex projects, it is tough to define project scope, specifications, and the road to implementation at the initial stage. Thus, we prefer to offer hourly or time & material engagement model to facilitate our patrons.

Benefits of Hourly Price Model
  • We offer IT services on hour basis where client need to pay according to the hours spent
  • The amount we charge per hour may vary based on the tools and technologies we use in the respective project
  • When requirements are not precise or specifications can not be clearly defined.
  • When on the first stages project is still raw and there is no sufficient data to properly estimate the final cost.
  • When client has constant flow of tasks or enhancements but they are scattered in time and can not be predicted in advance.
  • When client requires high level of flexibility or change requests often appear during the development process.
  • When client wants more direct control over the process or provides certain resources that can influence the project implementation.