All you need to know about Magento Store Development

What is Magento?

Magento is an eCommerce Framework developed in PHP Programming language and one of the very powerful, scalable eCommerce solution for the business owner. The launch of Magento2 has been too flexible, easy to understand for the Admin User/Store Manager to manage their website.

Magento offers 2 Solutions. Open Source is called Community Edition, and Enterprise Solution is called Enterprise Edition.

Community Solution is FREE, and Enterprise is paid version.

In this article, we will talk about only Community Edition.

Features offered by Magento

Products Search.
Customer Group Setup / Pricing

This feature allows a store owner to set up different prices for each customer group like retailers, wholesalers, VIP customers, etc.

You can also set up a bulk discount on individual product prices called Tier Price in the Magento.

Checkout on your Domain
Inventory Management (Warehouse Wise Management of Inventory)

This feature enables the store owner to maintain different inventory for different godowns or warehouses.

Product Reviews & Ratings
Discount Codes / Coupons
Filter Products by Color, Size, etc.

This is a truly excellent feature. You can add/edit/sort the filter attribute easily from the admin panel without the developer’s help. It’s just a click away.

— Multiple Currency Setup (Payment charged in Base Currency)
— Multiple Language Setup
— Multiple Website one backend

This feature allows you to manage Multiple Stores from a single backend. There is a number of possibility between each website.

Separate domain for each website/language, separate pricing, common customer or separate customers, etc. This is one of the USP of the Magento.

— Tax Setup
— Real-time Shipping Rates, FREE Shipping, Flat Rate, Weight Vs. Price
— Major Payment gateway supported
— Address Book Management
— Ship to Multiple Addresses

This feature allows customers to ship products to multiple addresses in a single checkout.

— Email Product to Friends
— Up-Selling/Cross-Selling of Products
— Showcase Related Products
— Multiple Product Photos, Videos (YouTube Video).
— Newsletter Subscription
— Take Offline Orders / Phone Orders

This feature is useful when you are accepting Orders over the phone or process them manually.

— Compare Products to ease purchase decision.
— Wish list / Favorite Items.
— Manage Staff Accounts & Visibility

These features allow you to create Staff accounts for the Admin panel. So Sales Staff can review Sales, Product Manager will look into the Catalog management, etc. So your entire Store is not visible to your Staff except the Administrator.

Why is Magento better than Other eCommerce Platforms?

Scalable Solution

You can scale Magento as per your Business need.

— Upgrade Safe

Magento keeps adding new features, security patches, etc., to keep your storefront up to date.

— Secured

Magento is one of the secured Platforms. The security the biggest win for Magento Users.

— Latest Technology

Magento is using Latest Technology to keep ahead of Competition. Compatibility with Most of the third-party Solution/database is one of the advantages of Magento.

Advantages of Magento Store

  • Easy to Manage
  • Lot of in Built Features
  • New Features in every new Release of Magento2
  • Bug Fixing in existing system in New release.
  • Secured Solution
  • Scalable Solution and many more.

Magento Store Development Process

We, Sankhala Infotech LLP – Magento Store Development company, follow a very systematic approach towards Magento Store Development services that we are providing.

Please find following the process and what we do in each of them. This ensures that your eCommerce Website is ready to rock the market.

— Business Analysis
We first understand your business, business model, pricing, products, the thought process behind the company, annual sales goal, etc. Based on this analysis, we move to the next step.

— Competition Analysis
Based on our Business Analysis, we know what exists in the business and what USP we have to beat the Competition. We study the existing competitor and create a unique Sales point for creating a store.

— UI/UX Development
Once the analysis is in place, we will start working towards a User Interface design that should ease the customer to browse the products, search for them, purchase and checkout. It should be straightforward to locate around all the devices.

— Website Development
Based on UI/UX design, we build a pixel-perfect design for the Store. We create a design that upgrades safe, cross-browser compatible, Responsive design and taking all precautions to enhance website performance.

— Speed Optimization
Speed is the key when it comes to Visitor to Sales conversion. The fast website you have, the more conversion you can expect. Visitors can’t wait until your website finishes loading. So we take off the Speed at the very beginning during development.

— Testing the Website
We have a dedicated team who takes care of the UI/UX design that matches the final output of the website. This way, we ensure that what we thought and presented in design is actually what the customer sees.

— Training to Staff and Owner
Before going live, you must know how the backend of the Store works. We will train you on How to upload products, Process orders, customized order status if required, etc.

— Go Live
Finally, we go live with products, categories, and all required content on the website. Then we should start measuring the performance of our Brand new Store.

What to do after Living your Website? This might be your question. Yes, that will be the next interesting thing to consider.

Sankhala Infotech LLP is a complete eCommerce solution provider that helps businesses with every aspect of their Online Presence.

Services in eCommerce Domain that we provide,

— Website Development
— Mobile App Development
— Digital Marketing Solution
— Graphics Designing
— eCommerce Website Management
— Magento Support Solution
— Hosting & Domain Solution

And anything that takes your business to have a smooth and profitable online presence.

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