Benefits of Digital Marketing

The number of INTERNET users are increasing day by day and so the industry of eCommerce and Mobile commerce. Everyone wants to reach global audience and setup cost of such solutions is too low as compared to physical store. Getting into digital solution is the essential food of any business now a days.

When it comes to eCommerce, there is already #1 eCommerce Open source framework available in the market is the Magento. Magento community edition is for the community and one can develop their eCommerce store easily with tons of benefits.

Benefits of Digital Marketing,

1. Reach More Customers : Who don’t want to grow their business, their sales. Everyone likes it right. When you can make it available to 100 times larger customer base then your physical store. If the chances of conversion is 0.1% then also, it is huge number for your sale. Now it’s upto you whether you want it OR you want to keep yourself in a single physical store.

2. Showcase Product Features : eCommerce is best way to showcase all your products feature, answer all your queries to your customers, demonstrate a most attractive way to showcase a product or even you can use latest technology like Augmented reality which helps you to give your customer the experience that they can feel in the store. It saves lots of time, manpower etc.

3. Customer Can purchase 24/7 : You have a eCommerce website, any of your customers can go through your product range, can feel them like physical store (augmented reality), browse by departments. If you have Mobile App for your store, then it’s high chance of conversion. Because now a days trend is showing high increase in Mobile Commerce solution. People can discuss with their friends/family before making a purchase. So this solutions becomes easy for them to decide.

4. Lucrative Offers for Customers : Who don’t like Offers. Everyone loves it. You can showcase your sales offer, gift voucher, coupons etc in a way that you can attract more and more customers to your store and increase the chances of the sale. You can clear your dead stock fast.

5. All in One Information : With the different channel source to make your sales. You can have POS, eCommerce Website, Mobile App etc. It’s hard to maintain different records for each. We at Sankhala Info Solutions, can give you integrated solutions for all your business need. You can manage your orders, stock etc from one platform and synchronized them to the same platform. So all platforms are having latest details to showcase your customers with less chances of error.

6. Effective and Customized Report : We have all data in a single platform. We can then create a report as per our Need. Like Sales report, product wise report, best selling products, average order size etc. we can customize them the way we want and show the fields we need. it is great to make a strategic decision.

7. Accepts Multiple Payment Methods : You can accept multiple payment method such as Paypal,, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Mobile money, Installment Feature and many more. It helps your customer to buy from you and pay in their desired mode. Higher the chances of conversion.

8. Security of Customer Data : We can use fully SSL enabled website. So, entire website will be handled securely. No data can be stolen and we don’t entertain credit card data storage as its sometimes illegal. We don’t share the data to third party which can share it in Privacy Statement. Complete privacy is provided to customers. However it can be provided to trusted resources only for analysis purpose.

many more Benefits of Digital marketing. Less manpower and high turnover is what makes digital solutions a game changer. There are more new technology coming up where in you can give 3D experience to your user. Real time experience is provided.

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