The most awaited articles for Marketers and the Business owner who is running their eCommerce store. Nowadays, trading becomes easy and cross-border is not an issue. We can easily ship the item from the United States to Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand or any part of the world. Business becomes faster and so as to make them less human interacted, we need an automatic system. That’s where eCommerce market came to an existence.

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Let’s start on how to increase online sales fast.

1. Optimize Checkout Process
Checkout is the process which involved when customers tries to places their order. It is absolutely required feature of any eCommerce website. We should make sure that our checkout process should be straight forward and follow few and only necessary steps. It will increase the chances of sales.

2. Follow up on Abondened Orders
60-70% of the customers, add item to their cart and then don’t complete the order process. Those are called abondened cart. You have to capture email and basic details of the customer as soon as they try to checkout. So we can connect them with the follow-up e-mails/offers. It increases the chance of conversion.

3. Referral Program
Word of mouth is one of the best referral for any business. If you can give something to your referral for their cause, they would be much happy and redirect customers to your website. Referral program is designed for the same purpose.

4. Instagram, Facebook and Social Media Channels
how to increase online sales fast Posting your product information and brand information on the social media platform always help you to get in the mind of your customers. So, an e-commerce business should keep their presence active enough so you can convey your message and products.

5. Upsell and Cross Sell Products
More often, customer purchases an item which they want. But along with that if you can offer them upsell item. Let’s say for example, if you are selling iPhone and you pitch them for Mobile Cover, Warranty etc. It helps you to get the accessories item sale. There is high chances customer purchases those products.

6. Facebook, Google Adwords (PPC)
If you want a instant traffic to your store. There is always a paid marketing campaign. Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords is the best platform to reach larger audience. It will generate good traffic to your store.

7. Subscription Model
This is one of the most powerful model if you can implement it on your website. For example, Cosmetic industry. There is make up kit which a customer can use for say 1 month and then every month, they have to come back to your site and purchase again. This is not good for them and they don’t like it. Instead, if we give them an options and deliver make up kit to customers every 1st of the month. It would be awesome and customers might be happy enough.

8. Influencers Marketing
This is trending marketing idea nowadays. There are lot of influencers available on different social media. Influencers can be bloggers, Social media platform, Press Release etc. If you can post on their platform, there is high chances that you get lot of visitors to your website. The reason is Influencers has 1+ million followers etc.

Hope you like our idea.

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