PSD to Magento Theme Conversion – Things you must Consider

Magento is #1 eCommerce Platform available in the Market. It is too flexible for the developers and designers having their own set of methods to work around. Magento is now the product of Adobe, a well known design studio creator. So, they are giving their best to keep Magento as #1 eCommerce framework.

Magento helps businesses to build their online store effectively, easily and with full featured functionality and available for scalable solution. PSD to Magento theme integration is the first step towards creating your Online Store.

Why it is necessary to do PSD to Magento Theme Conversion Services

1. Front Face for your Store : In Today’s world, success of any business is about how you can feel the customers, how you attract the customers, what call to action you can put on the layout and encourage the customers to take action. This is all can be accomplished with PSD design for your online store. This pattern now a days called UI/UX design. It is must followed step for your Online store.

2. Magento Compatible Theme Conversion : You have PSD now, you want to create it fully custom theme for Magento version. This steps allows you to create a custom theme for your online store. You should consider HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap and other framework to create workable model for your store. It should use Magento theme fall back structure which is a beauty of the Magento.

3. Device Compatibility : Customers across the globe are using smart phones for purchases. Some uses tablets, iPad, iPhone, Desktop etc. Make sure that your website should support all these device compatibility. This helps you higher conversion rate and helps you to improve your Google Ranking. This aspect is called Responsive design implementation.

4. W3C Validations : Another measure to take care of when developing your Magento theme is W3C Validations. It is the organization which operates how all browsers behaves and what languages or codes to be the followed. We should make sure that the guidelines of this should be followed and hence it can render smoothly as per the standards.

5. Easy Store Front Management : Magento theme should be designed and development in a way that Store Administrator will be able to manage all possible contents of the store front to be managed in admin area. Training should be taken on how one can handle the store easily and effectively without having any technical knowledge.

Above all aspects are covered by us in our PSD to Magento theme conversion services. You can get in touch with us and get exceptional Magento store front for your store.

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