What are the Timings of the firm ?

Our Company works on (Mon - Sat) from 10:00 am - 7pm, but sometime you have to stay longer as per as the requirement of projects.

What Kind of Appraisal Process is being Followed in the Company ?

We follow well designed appraisal policy in our company. Individual employee has eligible for first appraisal after the successful completion of 6 months and again we follow transparent approach by providing well design appraisals producer to our employee.

What are the Growth Opportunities for me in Future ?

Our company has ability to fulfill all your requirements and offer great opportunity to build a successful firm by providing great support and guidance to achieve all your organization goals in future.

What type of Engagement Policies are Being Observed in Your Firm ?

We believe that employees are the building blocks of our company, so we always give importance to our employees and took every successful step in order to keep them self motivated and recharged. For more detail you are free to visit our culture activity column.

What is the Process of Hiring in Your firm ?

We follow a transparent approach in hiring our employees and it depends upon whether you are a fresher or an experienced candidate. 1. For Freshers : Candidates are selected based upon his aptitude test taken initially followed by an HR round of interview as well as the technical round in the end. 2. For Experienced : Candidates are required to fill an Application Form followed by an HR round of interview and than finally the technical round taken by the respective experts in our firm. It can also happen that candidates are tested on their practical knowledge too.

Why should I join Sankhala Info Solutions ?

Our Company provides the best web designing and developing solutions to its customers. We possess a dynamic team who continuously work on developing websites for our clients. Our strength lies in the type of professional approach,we follow towards the execution of the project till the end and in turn providing the best career development opportunities to all of our employees. So, come and be part of team Sankhala Info Solutions to give your career a boost with best learning opportunities.